CSSTA Fall Protection Instructor Training
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CSSTA Fall Protection Instructor Training

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CSSTA Fall Protection Instructor Training has become the standard for training across all industries in Alberta. 

AAE Safety offers a 3 day Fall Protection Instructor Training Course. Upon successful completion the instructor is able to train workers in the Fall Protection Course.

The required pre-requisites for the Instructor Candidate are:

1. Adult learning credential.

2. Current first aid training

3. 2 years experience with fall protection.

4. Pass a skills test using fall protection equipment.

Once we have verified the above elements, you can begin the instructor training program.

In our program, we typically have a ratio of 1 to 1. The master instructor trains the candidate in a one on one atmosphere. Because of this format, we can offer the course around your flexibility.

Day 1– You must take the End User Fall Protection Course, this is important, so you know what the course should look like. (This course costs $165.00 and is available through one of our training providers such as Air Extreme, Arresting you, or Cansafe Safety.

Day 2- Program standards, administrative processes, and Lesson Plans, on this day, you sit down with a master instructor and gain an understanding of the process of teaching the course. On this day, you will study the CSA Z 259 standard series and review the specifications of a variety of common Fall Protection equipment. This will give you an advantage as an instructor, because you will have a greater understanding of the equipment.

Day 3- Co-teach two chapters from the course in a class environment. The co-teach costs $165.00.

After Day 3, you are now able to teach the program for 6 months. You must have your audit within this time, to ensure conformity to lesson plans.

(Note: Days do not have to be consecutive).

Once you have successfully passed the audit you are a fully certified instructor!

Each year you will need to update your first aid certificate with us, and verify that you have taught 3 course in the previous calendar year. Each 2 years afterwards you will need to have an in class audit done to remain current.

The cost of the course is $595.00+GST.

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